days 1-9

day 1 – Easter Day April 5, 2015

IMG_3072 IMG_3073 2 IMG_3074 3What a gorgeous day! Church was lovely; I celebrated Easter with my family including my dad and inlaws. I cooked a big, delicious dinner that shocked some, but not all in attendance. Nia and I then traversed back to Bowling Green. I carried this black Tinganello that i got recently at Goodwill for $14. ENJOYED it. i didn’t go all in with the credit card section in back, though.

day 2 – Monday, April 6

IMG_3076 2IMG_3075It’s the last day with my inlaws, but I have to hit my favorite thrift stores at least for a few minutes. This discipline, particularly giving away bags, makes me simultaneously wanting to buy bags for people and leaving great bags behind. I carried this Banana Republic cream pebbled leather bag. it’s that Coach-thick leather. Niiiiiiiiiiice. Got it at Goodwill last year for $8.

day 3 – Tuesday, April 7

IMG_3070 IMG_3071 2

Today calls for this red London Fog. It’s rainy and cold, so in this type of weather i go with red or yellow bags. People love to complain about the weather. it’s our common denominator, i get it. But you know, it is what it is. I’m just thankful to be here.

day 4 – Wednesday, April 8

IMG_3196IMG_3197 IMG_3195

The Episcopal Communicators conference began today, which meant flying to Baltimore. I found this bag at Goodwill which i THOUGHT was Swiss, but learned from the tags inside the bag that it’s Wegner. Still Swiss. All i can say is that the bag is SUUUUUUUUPER nice. It’s a travel briefcase with a place for everything, it looked so sleek on the top of my suitcase. Usually i have some giant duffle or tote taking up my legroom. Not this time. Mine was $20 but on half-off day it was $10, but you can get one here.

day 5 – Thursday, April 9


I love the Episcopal Communicators conference tote bags this year. The logos all look great, and it’s very light and portable. You know i always have a bag with e when i shop; i’m loathe to take a plastic bag. This one will join my arsenal of packable bags that are small enough to fit in a medium-sized purse. I’m learning a lot and having fun!

day 6 Friday, April 10

IMG_3198 IMG_3200

I found this Kipling in the back of my gone to college daughter’s closet. It’s lightweight, so I took it with me to the conference. LOVED IT. I admit i got a little attached. That bag was in the Communicators tote on Wednesday and Thursday, but i busted it out solo for dinner. Those crab cakes!!!

day 7 Saturday, April 11


This reversible tan and off white bag is just crazy enough for me to leave in David’s car for weeks, then take to a potluck party with my tribe. Big enough to hold… LOTS of stuff. MYOB.

day 8 Sunday, April 12


I’ve had this satchel since the last time the doctor’s bag was in. Mock croc makes everything nice. This one goes to show you – everything old is new again.

day 9 Monday, April 13


One of my favorites. A beautiful Banana Republic gone too soon. Read more here.

PS – with love – none of these are up for grabs. Thanks.

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