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days 15-19

day 15 Sunday, April 19

2013-05-12 19.06.41On Sundays, I go smaller because i can. I love this pebbled leather pink Liz Claiborne purse; I’ve had it several years and it always feels new. This is another one that i wrote about two years ago. One of these days i’m going to count how many I still have from then. Lots are gone now; gone to a better place – someone else’s closet.

day 16 Monday, April 20

2013-04-15 21.57.33This is the bag that held up this post. On Thursday, I couldn’t remember what i had carried on Monday. This morning, i decided to just look at the bags and then i remembered: this blue Prague shoulder bag. It’s one i don’t use often, and then when i do, i wonder why i don’t use it more.

day 17 Tuesday, April 21

Woven things… i’ll never get sick of you. I saw this at the St. Vincent near my house, which can be a crapshoot on a good day. That day was a good day because i got this vintage bag with a woven front and leather everything else. What can i say, it’s found a new home and lots of friends at my house. I love the Southwest flavor and of course it’s got an African bead on it – so it’s got mixed ethnicity, like me. COOL!

day 18 Wednesday, April 22  

I like big bags and i cannot lie. But, this one almost went into the giveaway this year, because as much as i love it, it’s a black hole. This huge Margot black pebbled leather tote is almost a weekender; IT’S GIGANTIC. and if i’m saying that, it really is. I couldn’t part with it so of course i grabbed it for a work day. EVERY time i need my keys i need a search party or three arms. But what can i say – it does it’s job of carrying all of my stuff beautifully.

day 19 Thursday, April 23

Jaiya’s pick – this gray bag i got at Clothes Mentor, which i you haven’t heard of it, is like Once Upon a Child or Plato’s Closet for grown women. YESSSSSSSS! Plato’s Closet is a great source for purses, but they have this annoying habit of hanging them on skirt hangers, which of course RUINS the leather with a pinch mark. DUH people! Clothes Mentor is the bomb. I got this bag for $18 and of course searched it and found it still for sale for $200+. The taupey gray goes with lots (except brown) and has a convertible set of clasps which makes it smaller. Of course I unhook those babies and TOTE IT UP.

days 10-14

I hope you’re enjoying your Easter season, wherever you are. I’m thankful for that harsh winter which has ushered in a gorgeous spring!

I decided to do this in batches so that people wouldn’t be confused about them being up for grabs. But to be honest, I don’t like it as much.

day 10 April 14, 2015

Jaiya picked this one for me today. This Jil Sander bag was at the IMG_3205Goodwill in Mt. Washington a few years ago. I remember someone asking me “are you sure it’s not a fake?” I’m thinking, who would fake a Jil Sander?! But how I know it’s real is that the inside is make of leather too. It’s a gorgeous dome bag that i featured two years ago.

I love when these things become trends; this year dome bags are back. So in March and April I see what’s happening in bag trends thanks to another passion of mine, magazines. Then shop my closet and make my selections for the season.

day 11 April 15, 2015


Ok I have a thing for woven bags. It’s just cool to me. I’ve done a couple of weaving projects and i respect the craftspersonship entailed in weaving. Much has to go right for the pattern to work, especially a pattern like this middle piece with the person. There was NO WAY this was staying in the Goodwill.

It’s tall enough for my water bottle, and the strap adjusts to be a too-long cross body so it’s a winner all around.

day 12 April 16, 2015


Ah, Fossil. I’ll never get sick of you. And i won’t have to, since i have a growing collection of Fossil bags. I got this one last year at the Goodwill and let me tell you: it was $10, half off purses, AND there was the matching wallet inside. So it was worth it for the wallet ALONE, but i got this cool coated cotton bag too. It’s got a lot going for it – it’s roomy, but not oversized; holds my water bottle, iPad and all my junk, and is waterproof. This day i was in no mood to choose an outfit, so i let the bag choose for me. Ended up in all navy because the bag wanted to be the star.

day 13 April 17, 2015

IMG_9163Friday, and i let Jaiya pick again because… well just because. I did ask her not to get anything too small; i had to go to work. She chose this paisley Echo bag and i just smiled. Seems like I can get everything under the sun into that bag. I have another one with a black and white pattern that i got a couple of years ago. They were priced right at TJ Maxx. I could carry my 15″ laptop in that baby. In fact, i have a third Echo that ‘s a weekender. They’re very lightweight, coated and colorful fabric with seatbelt-style straps. This is the kind of bag that makes a monochromatic outfit fabulous. Also great for travel. Sigh – see you in a month or so.

day 14 April 18, 2015

IMG_3266Today was one of those Saturdays where I didn’t leave the house until late afternoon. I was headed to the Woodward track, so i grabbed this colorful St. Vincent find from a couple of years ago. It’s by Catori, a Sun ‘n Sand brand. I tracked this one down online and found out that they were still selling it. I took it to Episcopal Communicators a couple of years ago since it’s so portable. i love the pattern and it’s actually a cross body on me, so for around $4 (I forget) it’s a welcome addition to the collection. When i look back on the blog from two Easters ago, i realize i’ve given away several of those bags. I’ll count one of these days. But this is one i didn’t even consider giving up! It’s got that front phone pocket. Critical.

days 1-9

day 1 – Easter Day April 5, 2015

IMG_3072 IMG_3073 2 IMG_3074 3What a gorgeous day! Church was lovely; I celebrated Easter with my family including my dad and inlaws. I cooked a big, delicious dinner that shocked some, but not all in attendance. Nia and I then traversed back to Bowling Green. I carried this black Tinganello that i got recently at Goodwill for $14. ENJOYED it. i didn’t go all in with the credit card section in back, though.

day 2 – Monday, April 6

IMG_3076 2IMG_3075It’s the last day with my inlaws, but I have to hit my favorite thrift stores at least for a few minutes. This discipline, particularly giving away bags, makes me simultaneously wanting to buy bags for people and leaving great bags behind. I carried this Banana Republic cream pebbled leather bag. it’s that Coach-thick leather. Niiiiiiiiiiice. Got it at Goodwill last year for $8.

day 3 – Tuesday, April 7

IMG_3070 IMG_3071 2

Today calls for this red London Fog. It’s rainy and cold, so in this type of weather i go with red or yellow bags. People love to complain about the weather. it’s our common denominator, i get it. But you know, it is what it is. I’m just thankful to be here.

day 4 – Wednesday, April 8

IMG_3196IMG_3197 IMG_3195

The Episcopal Communicators conference began today, which meant flying to Baltimore. I found this bag at Goodwill which i THOUGHT was Swiss, but learned from the tags inside the bag that it’s Wegner. Still Swiss. All i can say is that the bag is SUUUUUUUUPER nice. It’s a travel briefcase with a place for everything, it looked so sleek on the top of my suitcase. Usually i have some giant duffle or tote taking up my legroom. Not this time. Mine was $20 but on half-off day it was $10, but you can get one here.

day 5 – Thursday, April 9


I love the Episcopal Communicators conference tote bags this year. The logos all look great, and it’s very light and portable. You know i always have a bag with e when i shop; i’m loathe to take a plastic bag. This one will join my arsenal of packable bags that are small enough to fit in a medium-sized purse. I’m learning a lot and having fun!

day 6 Friday, April 10

IMG_3198 IMG_3200

I found this Kipling in the back of my gone to college daughter’s closet. It’s lightweight, so I took it with me to the conference. LOVED IT. I admit i got a little attached. That bag was in the Communicators tote on Wednesday and Thursday, but i busted it out solo for dinner. Those crab cakes!!!

day 7 Saturday, April 11


This reversible tan and off white bag is just crazy enough for me to leave in David’s car for weeks, then take to a potluck party with my tribe. Big enough to hold… LOTS of stuff. MYOB.

day 8 Sunday, April 12


I’ve had this satchel since the last time the doctor’s bag was in. Mock croc makes everything nice. This one goes to show you – everything old is new again.

day 9 Monday, April 13


One of my favorites. A beautiful Banana Republic gone too soon. Read more here.

PS – with love – none of these are up for grabs. Thanks.

bag #46 – the end of the giveaway… or is it?


Well… here we are. Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. In celebration of Easter, today’s bag is a white faux leather Rosetti crossbody/shoulder bag. it’s about the size of an iPad. Brand new from the St. Vincent de Paul, it has no blemishes and even has this weird tassel/keychain. IMG_3033 IMG_3035

As promised, here are a few bonus bags that i have left over. Email if you’re interested in any of these.

bonus bag #1

bonus bag #1

bonus bag #2

bonus bag #2

bonus bag #3

bonus bag #3

bonus bag #4

bonus bag #4

I had a lot of fun giving away bags – so much so that i think i will continue at my leisure.


day #1 – day #50NOT UP FOR GRABS. If a blog post is titled “day”, it’s not a giveaway.

bonus bag – UP FOR GRABS. If a post includes the words “with bonus bag” there’s something up for grabs.

Everything will be clearly labeled. Even though i try very hard to be clear, there are folks who get confused. Just don’t take offense when i tell you no, you can’t have this one.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating 50 days of Easter with 50 day of fabulous bags. I did this two years ago. I’ll use a different purse every day for 50 days, even when i travel. I get lots of “feedback” from people who like to give their opinion about how many bags i have. WHATEVER!!!!! It’s my business! So i’ma let the haters hate while i celebrate my good fortune at thrift and discount stores.

Peace! Thanks for hanging out with me this Lent.

bag #45


No, I didn’t forget – life comes at you fast. I went up to Bowling Green to pick up Nia for Easter weekend, and made her show me where the Goodwill was. I picked up this Stone Mountain purse for $3. It’s in great shape, so email me at if you like it.

Tomorrow, I’ll post some of my bags that for some reason or another aren’t 100% to me, but may be cool to you. Regardless, they’re leaving me one way or another. I found a Dress for Success location downtown near where I work, so i think i’ll take them there on Monday. Peace.

IMG_3026 IMG_3024 IMG_3029

bag #44


You’ve heard of those Target collaborations with designers, right? Early days it was Isaac Mizrahi, Proenza Schouler  and Liz Lange. Since they often don’t make plus sizes, i console myself with the bags, which are often fabulous. This one is from Paul and Joe. Ok i hadn’t heard of them either. I got this bag at Goodwill for my butterfly-loving oldest, but she is anti-purse and rejected it. The butterfly piece comes over the top and acts as a closure. There’s also a cool tassel zipper pull. Canvas with faux leather. I thought about keeping it just because but… email me at if you like it.

Two days to go… the five bags (other than this one) that are still available say “still available” in the title. Last chance before they go to the thrift store! Taken. Thanks! 

IMG_3021 IMG_8091

bag #43 still available 

IMG_1994Here’s a cute little black faux mock croc purse by emille m. This is a brand you can find sometimes at TJ Maxx. It’s got a colorful lining and inside zipper pocket. Got this one from a friend at one of my purse swaps. I won’t tell you what she got. 😉

You know what to do by now, right? Email 50favbags if you’re feeling it.