Daily Archives: March 5, 2015

bag #16

IMG_2806  IMG_2808 IMG_2804

I found this olive green Tignanello shoulder bag at Goodwill. You have to understand that green is my favorite color, and I’ll rock a green bag in most any shade. Plus, the organization is off the hook. This bag has so many pockets and pouches I didn’t bother counting them. I mean, there are 7 on the front alone. Excellent for keeping a phone in its own private compartment. I grabbed it off of the rack so quick… fortunately no one was injured in the process. That i know of.

This is another one of those bags that i could easily keep, but… it’s out of my style comfort zone. Even though it’s my favorite color and brand, knowing that someone is out there using it will be cool. So email me at 50favbags.com if you’re interested.

TAKEN – thanks!