Daily Archives: March 3, 2015

bag #14

IMG_4569 IMG_6468

When you get to know and like purses as much as I do, you get to know brands. While a name brand  doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, in the bag world that’s often exactly what it means. So when I’m shopping for bags at the thrift store, there’s a certain technique that I deploy to find the gold amongst the rubble.

One day at my favorite Goodwill boutique, I was scanning the racks when I saw this bag. Bright, pebbled leather, structured hobo, silver hardware – I snatched it so fast from the rack I would have injured anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. Stone Mountain is a brand I grew up associating with quality. I still use a green Stone Mountain that I bought around 13 years ago; I wrote about it here. If you like this reddish-orangish and brown bag, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com.

TAKEN – thanks.