bag #10

IMG_6277 IMG_4291

How many black pebbled leather bags should one person own? Clearly I am unqualified to answer this question, as I currently own a number that I don’t know off the top of my head and wouldn’t disclose if I did. But I can say that when someone claims this bag, I’ll have one less.

Black, pebbled leather, whipstitching, hobo – the quadfecta of bags for me. This one is super-soft leather with a snap closure and absolutely NO interior organization, which is it’s downfall. I have lost many an item in this black hole of a bag. I got this one at TJ Maxx many years ago, and happily have found other bags with more pockets and pouches. This is a great bag if you carry a smaller purse and a lot of other stuff and need one bag in which to put it all.

Email if you’re interested.

One of the hard parts about this giveaway is having to tell some people no, the bag is already taken. Once a librarian, always a librarian – I can’t quit unless there’s an answer, a solution, that everyone likes. Once a teacher, always a teacher – I want the right person to get the right bag when they need it. But what i’ve learned so far is that there isn’t always a right answer, or a good answer. I can’t always say yes, I’ve solved it. But I can keep working, keep looking, keep trying. Or, I can stop. And sometimes, that’s ok too.

TAKEN – thanks!

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