bag #8

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Ok bag lovers, this was a gooooood deal. This pewter Hype bag was chillin’ in the back of the St. Vincent dePaul, and they clearly did not understand that this was a high-end bag when they charged $5.99 for it. You can find the fakes in the front of the store for twice that or more.

I usually don’t spend much on bags. But one year I was looking for a white purse, and I couldn’t find one I liked. Then one day in TJ Maxx in the Rookwood, I saw this white Hype bag and that was IT. I had just gotten a promotion, so i said congratulations to myself and spent $100 on the bag. That’s how I know this bag is worth at least that retail. Regardless, it’s in great shape and free to a good home.

This metallic bag has six exterior pockets with magnetic or zippered closures, a large zippered interior with 3 pockets, and two magnetic-close outer pockets. Paisley-lined.

Email if you’re interested. If you email the blog, nothing will happen. I don’t intend to publish requests to the blog.


TAKEN – thanks!

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