bag #5

IMG_7455Here’s a tote for someone with a lot to haul. This is one of those bags I still really like, but am giving up due to volume. I bought it at my favorite Goodwill for $5 because I loved the color and the faux-woven texture. I’m sure it’s one of those fragrance or cosmetics gift-with-purchase deals. It’s pleather, so you can wipe it down as needed. I’ve used this to carry a 15″ laptop, purse, water bottle and more. I’ve also taken it on the plane and it fits under the seat nicely. It has a tab snap closure. Wait, I’m about to talk myself into keeping it. NO, no, it’s yours if you email

So since yesterday Jaiya got to pick, I offered to let Kaia pick today. She was indifferent until I said “Ok, Jaiya you go pick and Kaia, you pick and I’ll see which one I want to do.” “But she got to pick by herself yesterday, it’s notfaaaaiiiiirrr…” and she made her selection. When I asked her why she choose this one, she said “I don’t know, it was the first one I saw.” Whatever. I’ll take what I can get from a 15-year-old. Photo by Kaia McKenney. TAKEN – thanks!


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