bag #3

This Giani Bernini is up for grabs today. What made me buy it is that i have a daughter in college who is a bagphobe. She wants to carry a purse, but secretly really wants it to be a backpack so she can stay organized. (This is my analysis, she won’t admit it.) I thought she’d like this bag because it has 10 pockets, including a big zippered interior with two outer pockets. Whatever, I’m a sucker for coated cotton.

Needless to say, she didn’t like it. So here you go. I checked online just now, and to my surprise these bags retail for $99 at Macy’s.

Maybe the mitwbp@gmail email is to complicated. Email me there or at if you’re interested in this bag.

Now my girls, who have been off of school for the ENTIRE week, are headed to Trader Joe’s to shore up for this next blizzard. Stay warm out there, people – especially my friends in Arizona and Panama.IMG_2710


#bag #giveaway #Lent

TAKEN! Thanks!

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