Daily Archives: February 19, 2015

bag #2

Today’s bag is an Aigner duffle that I picked up last week at the St. Vincent dePaul that’s near my house. I had just picked up my girls from my dad’s house, and although I knew they would be mad about stopping, I felt an indescribable calling… so I heeded it. Some of you will be glad I did, including whomever wants this cute bag.

I was already in line, after finding a few goodies all under $6, when i realized that i had missed this little purse corner near the dressing rooms. This bag was hanging there. My mom LOVED Aigner shoes, boots, and bags – back before people knew how to pronounce it correctly. It reminded me of her so much, in a way that made me smile. Although, typing this now, i just got a little irrigation in the eye.

So, if you like this bag, email me at miwtbp@gmail.com and let me know.

Full Lenten disclosure – I did not make it to get my ashes. But, I’m not worried – God knows my heart. IMG_2706

UPDATE: this bag has been CLAIMED!!

IT’S TAKEN. Thanks!