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bag #1


Bag #1 is a blue Kipling shoulder bag. The Kipling charm is gone, sadly. Kipling bags of this size and style currently retail for $100-$120. I got this at my favorite Goodwill for $6. It was a rescue, meaning I really didn’t need it, I just had to save it from Goodwill. This bag was at the Goodwill for weeks before I bought it. I just figured I’d find someone who liked it. Eventually.

Why do I rescue bags, you may ask. When I see a fake Prada or Coach priced the same as a real Fossil, Ugg, or as in this case, Kipling, I know the staff has missed something. The bags I purchase (or want to purchase) have unrecognized value and quality that I see and others don’t. It’s not like the bags are talking to me or anything. Heck no.

If you’d like this bag, email 50favbags@gmail.com with your

  • Name
  • Address
  • Bag #
  • Why you want the bag

Please don’t reply here. Thanks.

As it’s Ash Wednesday, I plan to get my ashes later this evening. And while I support ashes-to-go, I’m going for ashes-to-stay-in-church. The solemn service prepares my family for our Lenten undertakings. We do several things, including increasing service at church and taking on personal disciplines. Later, the girls will tell me theirs so that we can support each other over the next 40 days. Do you have plans for Lent? Share them here.

TAKEN – thanks.
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