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bag #11

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Since it’s Saturday, I’m going to reflect a bit on how this is going. But not before I introduce today’s bag, this Liz Claiborne chocolate-brown pleather duffle with gold hardware. I got this one at TJ Maxx maybe 6 or 7 years ago for $35. It’s got great interior organization with a zippered divider and 3 interior pockets. The handles are just long enough that they will fit on most shoulders (they fit on mine, so…). It’s about 15″ long.

This is a bag that I’m culling due to duplication. A true librarian knows that when you bring one in, one must go. Most librarians don’t practice this, though. And before you ask, once a librarian, always a librarian. I believe that since I had to get an advanced degree in it I can be it forever in my heart.

Email if you’re interested. 

So on day 11, I can say that I really love giving bags away like this. I’ve had bag swaps in the past, and I’ve given bags to friends. I take stuff to Goodwill and to other charities on a regular basis. So giving is no new concept in my life, it’s part of who I am, who I was raised to be.

But giving away bags like this – this quantity to this many people who I know – is different and very cool, so far. Seeing the bag in action is what i love best. When I see my friends and they are carrying a bag from a purse swap or one that I just found and knew was perfect – and it is – it’s like I’m a WINNER! A matchmaker for people and bags. A bag whisperer.

But what kind of person is THAT? Who cares that much about bags and why? I care about bags that much, and have for so many years, because it’s the one piece of the fashion world that ALWAYS FITS. Beyond that, like everything, there’s the artistic elements: colors, quality, design, craftsmanship… thrifting, or bargain shopping in general, is like a treasure hunt. And many of you know that feeling when you strike it rich – it’s a feeling you want to repeat.

Alright, that’s enough musings for today – peace out, people.

TAKEN – thanks!

bag #10

IMG_6277 IMG_4291

How many black pebbled leather bags should one person own? Clearly I am unqualified to answer this question, as I currently own a number that I don’t know off the top of my head and wouldn’t disclose if I did. But I can say that when someone claims this bag, I’ll have one less.

Black, pebbled leather, whipstitching, hobo – the quadfecta of bags for me. This one is super-soft leather with a snap closure and absolutely NO interior organization, which is it’s downfall. I have lost many an item in this black hole of a bag. I got this one at TJ Maxx many years ago, and happily have found other bags with more pockets and pouches. This is a great bag if you carry a smaller purse and a lot of other stuff and need one bag in which to put it all.

Email if you’re interested.

One of the hard parts about this giveaway is having to tell some people no, the bag is already taken. Once a librarian, always a librarian – I can’t quit unless there’s an answer, a solution, that everyone likes. Once a teacher, always a teacher – I want the right person to get the right bag when they need it. But what i’ve learned so far is that there isn’t always a right answer, or a good answer. I can’t always say yes, I’ve solved it. But I can keep working, keep looking, keep trying. Or, I can stop. And sometimes, that’s ok too.

TAKEN – thanks!

bag #9

IMG_4806 IMG_2972

If no-nonsense is your MO, this is your bag. This black Stone Mountain shoulder bag has more pouches and pockets than I can count. This was clearly unused, because it still had the little baby zipper pouch attached with those plastic tag connector thingys and the signature key fob was there.

Once again I bought a bag not my style because it was $4 at the St. Vincent dePaul. I knew I could either sell it or give it to someone who would love it. Today I choose love.

Email if you’re liking this one.

TAKEN – thanks!

bag #8

IMG_2739 IMG_5519

Ok bag lovers, this was a gooooood deal. This pewter Hype bag was chillin’ in the back of the St. Vincent dePaul, and they clearly did not understand that this was a high-end bag when they charged $5.99 for it. You can find the fakes in the front of the store for twice that or more.

I usually don’t spend much on bags. But one year I was looking for a white purse, and I couldn’t find one I liked. Then one day in TJ Maxx in the Rookwood, I saw this white Hype bag and that was IT. I had just gotten a promotion, so i said congratulations to myself and spent $100 on the bag. That’s how I know this bag is worth at least that retail. Regardless, it’s in great shape and free to a good home.

This metallic bag has six exterior pockets with magnetic or zippered closures, a large zippered interior with 3 pockets, and two magnetic-close outer pockets. Paisley-lined.

Email if you’re interested. If you email the blog, nothing will happen. I don’t intend to publish requests to the blog.


TAKEN – thanks!

bag #7


IMG_2737Do you like red? Do you like giant leather bags? You’re in luck. I got this behemoth at Goodwill one day when I was looking for a red purse to replace one I had given away. I liked the hardware, the tassels, the feet — but this bag is a bit too much for me. Yes, the day has come. Now, it has lots of interior organization – a zippered center pocket separates the interior, and you’ve got the two exterior pouches. You could carry a 15″ laptop and a whole lot more in this bag.

So why give it up? Almost 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with a neck strain, and my doctor blamed my giant purse. Once I loaded this baby up, it was too heavy for me. So, I have to let this one go.

Email me at if you’re interested.

TAKEN – thanks!

bag #6

IMG_8752 IMG_2731There was a day a couple of weeks ago where my 15-year-old daughter was in a mood. I mean a SERIOUS mood. Nonetheless, I was feeling the pull of the St. Vincent dePaul near me so strongly that I risked ultimate meltdown and swung by on the way home from school. It was worth it. I got this for myself without researching the brand first because I knew it was leather and I loved the colors. In fact, I got this the day I got the Aigner day #2 bag. Alas, this was near the giveaway bags, and Jaiya chose it to give away today. Uncle. My loss is your gain, which is the point.

Kate Landry is a brand of bags made for Dillard’s. I’ve found mixed reviews of them online. Here you can see it in action in the parking lot of Sewn Studio in the photo by Kaia. This bag is about 10″ long and 5″ wide, and has three interior pockets. It’s in great shape, so if you’d like it email me at And never fear, I checked my inventory and found one the same cognac color. Yeah, I know… you weren’t worried.

TAKEN – thanks!


bag #5

IMG_7455Here’s a tote for someone with a lot to haul. This is one of those bags I still really like, but am giving up due to volume. I bought it at my favorite Goodwill for $5 because I loved the color and the faux-woven texture. I’m sure it’s one of those fragrance or cosmetics gift-with-purchase deals. It’s pleather, so you can wipe it down as needed. I’ve used this to carry a 15″ laptop, purse, water bottle and more. I’ve also taken it on the plane and it fits under the seat nicely. It has a tab snap closure. Wait, I’m about to talk myself into keeping it. NO, no, it’s yours if you email

So since yesterday Jaiya got to pick, I offered to let Kaia pick today. She was indifferent until I said “Ok, Jaiya you go pick and Kaia, you pick and I’ll see which one I want to do.” “But she got to pick by herself yesterday, it’s notfaaaaiiiiirrr…” and she made her selection. When I asked her why she choose this one, she said “I don’t know, it was the first one I saw.” Whatever. I’ll take what I can get from a 15-year-old. Photo by Kaia McKenney. TAKEN – thanks!


bag #4

poppieToday I’m letting my youngest daughter Jaiya choose which bag is up for grabs. And Jaiya chooses… this tan crossbody by “the many moods of poppie jones.” It has an adjustable, detachable strap that turns it into a clutch. Odd-shaped clutches are on trend right now, so you’d be 10 shades of hip. Inner pouch, outer pocket and the two little zipper pockets on the front. I bought this for my 15-year-old, but she did not approve. I usually take pictures of the items i select for her,so she can say he’s or no as there’s no returns when thrifting. I guess i didn’t in this case, so her loss is your gain. Email me at if you’re interested in this bag.

TAKEN – thanks!

bag #3

This Giani Bernini is up for grabs today. What made me buy it is that i have a daughter in college who is a bagphobe. She wants to carry a purse, but secretly really wants it to be a backpack so she can stay organized. (This is my analysis, she won’t admit it.) I thought she’d like this bag because it has 10 pockets, including a big zippered interior with two outer pockets. Whatever, I’m a sucker for coated cotton.

Needless to say, she didn’t like it. So here you go. I checked online just now, and to my surprise these bags retail for $99 at Macy’s.

Maybe the mitwbp@gmail email is to complicated. Email me there or at if you’re interested in this bag.

Now my girls, who have been off of school for the ENTIRE week, are headed to Trader Joe’s to shore up for this next blizzard. Stay warm out there, people – especially my friends in Arizona and Panama.IMG_2710


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bag #2

Today’s bag is an Aigner duffle that I picked up last week at the St. Vincent dePaul that’s near my house. I had just picked up my girls from my dad’s house, and although I knew they would be mad about stopping, I felt an indescribable calling… so I heeded it. Some of you will be glad I did, including whomever wants this cute bag.

I was already in line, after finding a few goodies all under $6, when i realized that i had missed this little purse corner near the dressing rooms. This bag was hanging there. My mom LOVED Aigner shoes, boots, and bags – back before people knew how to pronounce it correctly. It reminded me of her so much, in a way that made me smile. Although, typing this now, i just got a little irrigation in the eye.

So, if you like this bag, email me at and let me know.

Full Lenten disclosure – I did not make it to get my ashes. But, I’m not worried – God knows my heart. IMG_2706

UPDATE: this bag has been CLAIMED!!

IT’S TAKEN. Thanks!