black Fossil

it’s hard to say goodbye to this baby for 49 days.

after last year’s blog, you’d think i’d learn my lesson about getting attached to a purse for too long. but no, that’s not what i learned. i can prove that i didn’t learn it – i am LOATHE to put this baby away.

this fossil bag is like a good friend who is also your administrative assistant. there’s a place for everything – i even had a pouch just for my phone cord & headphones. but there aren’t too many places to lose – i mean hide things, and they all are a little different, which helps me remember where everything is. and if you’re the super organized person who can manage all of that without an administrative assistant, you’d love it even more, perhaps. and it’s like  good friend because it’s black pebbled leather. soft to the touch yet impervious to the umpteen times my water bottle has leaked inside.

so now i choose to throw myself back into the world of cavernous satchels, too-small purses that i bought because they were too gorgeous to leave in the store, and much, much more as i explore 50 more days of fabulous bags. along the way, i’ll share how i’ve changed and evolved since my experience last year. I can tell you out of the gate, with extreme and radical certainty that i leave much more in the store than i did in the past. but i still have a ways to go… join me on my journey.

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