Daily Archives: May 17, 2013

day 47


hype satchel hanging out at Music Hall after the May Festival concert

i remember the summer well – 2007. i was looking and looking for a white purse to no avail.  then i found this hype purse at tj maxx. i’m almost embarrassed to say how much i paid for this bag. but whatever. $100. or does $99.99 sound better?  i had just gotten promoted to homework center manager at the library, and i felt like for once, i could go for it. i was wrong.

don’t get it twisted – i really like this purse. it’s busting out with charm all over. whip-stitched, drawsting, satchel style, lots of buckles and pockets. but the thing is heavy. that summer, i ended up with a neck strain and my ortho doc partially blamed this purse. he wanted me to get rid of it. i gave him a look and he said “never mind. just lighten your load.”

now, i carry it sporadically and don’t overload it, which is sad, because it can really hold a lot. so, be careful what you wish for. it could be a pain in the neck.