Daily Archives: May 9, 2013

day 39


Perlina black satchel with awesome findings


zipper pulls

i surprised myself with this bag today – meaning i couldn’t decide on a bag, so i went into my hall closet where i have a few off-season bags. i found this Perlina bag at goodwill – i couldn’t help but appreciate all of the organizational touches in this purse. it has three sections – two outer zipper sections and one large interior with velcro at the top. when the velcro is closed, the bag looks like a purse. when it’s not, like when i use it because i have so much stuff in there, it looks like a tote. either way it’s cool. i can’t remember how much i paid, but probably $10 or $12. this is one that i’ll start using and have to force myself to switch.

with 11 days to go, i have to confess that i’ll be glad to not have to switch every day. but this has been an interesting journey, and i’ve learned a lot about myself along the way, as i hoped i would. but as i tell my daughters, it’s not over until it’s over. i’m in it to win it.