day 33


Tumi tote with brown leather trim

one of my favorite things about thrifting is finding a cool bag, researching it and finding out that i got something that i can’t believe someone brought to a thrift store. today’s bag is a Tumi tote i found at goodwill. i had not heard of this brand, and after googling it and seeing some retail and resale values i found out why – probably because i could never afford it in real life. these bags are $200 or more if they have a hint of leather. this one has leather handles, zipper pulls, edging and corners.

so here’s what i do when i’m thrifting for purses: i check for quality ingredients, which doesn’t neccesssrily mean leather, but often does. then i check the brand, and the insides. signs of high quality are tags like this inside. Image

if it’s a coach, prada, or other popular name brand, there’s a good chance it’s a fake, so i don’t usually mess with those. i check the snaps, zippers, and all moving parts. i also check to make sure it’s not mildewed or have any other unsavory aromas. i’ve left bags behind for no other reason than that they reeked of cigarette smoke.

if a bag passes all of my rigorous testing, looks cool, isn’t like anything i have, and is under $15 or so, it’s probably coming home with me. that said, i’ve left more and more bags in the store because i just don’t need them. sometimes i go into purse rescue mode, but i’m really trying to not do that.

so thank you, people who like to get rid of awesome bags, for getting rid of your awesome bags. i appreciate you.

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