Daily Archives: April 27, 2013

day 27


michael michael kors bag

i let my three each choose a bag for today. i ditched their choices for this bag. i got this michael michael kors bag at my birthday party and purse swap this year. my friend chris brought it, and she got a dooney & burke that i rescued from goodwill and a red patent leather maxx new york that i hardly used and no longer wanted. what a good deal. i would never buy this purse for myself, but it was fun to carry today for errands and then the party. and it’s got green leather. right?

the soiree was at a friend’s house whose home overlooks the river. it’s on a steep hill, and fortunately i could justify stopping short of the front porch to gaze upon the ohio river, but really i didn’t want to be huffing and puffing as i walked in the door. as i caught my breath, and inhaled deeply several times, i considered the other side for a few moments. it made me thankful to be living in 2013.

so i took thie picture of today’s bag on the steps of this amazing house, a historical landmark here in cincinnati. i had a great time with my friends, all the while feeling thankful to be present and in the moment. the time passed too quickly, as usual. tgff. thank goodness for friends.