Daily Archives: April 25, 2013

day 25


no-name faux patent leather hobo

it was hard to get up, being back on east coast time again was rough. my body is still in burbank. so when i overslept this morning, i couldn’t even think about what bag to choose. so i chose one of my to 5 of all time, this no-name black patent pleather bag with handles and a long strap. first of all, the pleats are cool looking, second, it holds a loooot of stuff and still looks polished, third, it was $19.99 at this tj maxx in w. hartford, ct.

i remember seeing it and grabbing it, along with a beautiful bag sort of like day 12. it was much more expensive. i decided on this one, and in line, someone tried to buy it from me. i knew then that i made the right choice.

the strap is like a belt, so it’s a crossbody and handle bag. bonus. it’s a bit cavernous inside, but that’s ok for me – and there are 4 interior pockets and pouches. i have used it so much, with it being cheap and faux it’s going to go eventually. i don’t want to be there when that happens.