Daily Archives: April 19, 2013

day 19


calvin klein coral bag with handles and a long strap


closure detail


hardware detail

last summer, my purse was stolen out of my car. the inconvenience of replacing the stuff in it was one thing – the broken window was quite another. but the worst, for me, was the actual purse itself – it was a leather snakeskin metallic calvin klein purse that i found at my favorite goodwill. i got that baby for $5, thanks to the 50% off sale. i feel wrong saying that i loved it, but i really really liked that bag a LOT.

if you’ve ever had anything stolen, you know how it feels – i felt angry, violated, frustrated, and the worst feeling of all is that it was totally my fault. regardless, i got the window replaced, my license and cards replaced, and one day i found this calvin klein coral bag at the same goodwill for the same price.

although would love to replace the bag i had with an identical one, i’m glad i found this lovely, colorful bag. it’s heavy, due to the hardcore hardware. and you know the zipper thing i mentioned? butter. i don’t use it nearly as much as i used the other one, but here’s what i learned: if you really care about something, take care of it. and even if you do, you could still lose it. you can’t control everything. and when i say you, i mean i. this is a beautiful bag – despite the fact that it’s not pebbled leather!