Daily Archives: April 18, 2013

day 18


liz claiborne green pebbled leather tote

green is my favorite color – so when green is the “in” color for a season, i try to take advantage if i can afford it. i found this liz claiborne satchel at tj maxx last year, and it’s got all of my favorite elements: multiple pockets, two sections, green, pebbled leather, hardware. it was more than i usually pay for a bag, meaning it was more than $20.

this was my birthday present to myself for my 45th. after 20 years of marriage, my husband gets “confused” and forgets what i like, so sometimes i get myself the present and don’t use it until my birthday. i don’t try to act surprised or anything – he’s usually the one surprised. yeah, that’s what he gets.

i find as i choose my bag for each day that i go for one, and then i think… maybe i’ll save this for a warmer day, or a different outfit, or other reasons not to choose it. really, i realized that in making the choice, carrying that bag is a reality, and once i do i can’t use it again until after the 50 days. this challenge that i’ve created for myself has forced me to make decisions that i have to stick to, and that’s not easy for me sometimes.

i’m a procrastinator, and i like to give myself choices and keep things open ended. so it took me 18 days to realize that this challenge is kicking my butt. but i’m determined to get to day 50 and have fun, so i’m going to try to lighten up and get back to the fun of the first few days.