day 15


blue Prague structured hobo

2013-04-15 23.52.39i really like this bag, yet i’ve tried to get rid of it many times. i got it at goodwill around 10 years ago, yet i can count on one hand the number of times i’ve used it. so why keep it?

i struggle with that question often. several people have asked me about it since i started this blog – it being the issue of excess. is 50 bags 49 too many? why keep bags i don’t often use?

i’m not saying i have an answer for that. i am a frequent clothes purger, and as much as i love shoes, i can get rid of a pair with only slight hesitation. i have gotten rid of bags in the past, and not on ebay – i give them to friends, my daughters, or back to goodwill or st. vincent de paul. i even had a purse swap at my birthday party and somehow ended up with more purses than i gave away. as an always (i refuse to say former) librarian, i believe in the get one purge one rule. not that many libraries follow that one!

as i continue on this journey for the next 35 days, i’ll come up with some answers. i’m certainly open to receiving the answers that i know i already have, but need to claim and own. this process is certainly opening my mind in more ways than i expected. but i expected that.

i enjoyed this bag today, and today will help me enjoy it more often in the future. when i feel i cannot legitimize keeping this beautiful purse, i remind myself of why i bought it in the first place. its beautiful blue color is like a slice of sky with a cool brown leather handle and a rainbow lining. it also didn’t hurt that it cost $9. so i guess i’ll go into my closet and get rid of some black pebbled leather so that i can hold a place for this in my closet, if for no other reason than 10 years ago i chose it, and today i still like it.

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