day 14

2013-04-14 20.11.01

abalone button bag with wooden frame & handles

here is one of my purses that i have to dust! my other passion is beads, particularly natural beads – wood, shell, clay, bone, etc. i have a necklace and earring set made of abalone shell buttons i got from Avon years ago that i get lots of compliments on whenever i wear them. so when i saw this purse at my favorite goodwill, i grabbed it quickly (but gently). it sits on a shelf in my room, covering unsightly cds and in a great spot where i can see every day. the beads, the wooden handles – this is a perfect example of functional art. even with a few shells missing, i enjoy it immensely. for me, those missing shells represent the imperfections we all experience in our lives. and it fits my stuff and a magazine, so it’s a win. i carry it proudly. i paid $12 for this beauty.

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