day 13

2013-04-13 22.23.36

knit purse – no tag, just awesome

2013-04-13 23.45.57

cool snap detail with green buttons – my favorite color

and now for something completely different: when i began this blog, i forgot that a lot of my fall and winter bags would get dissed since they’re out of season. so i took advantage of this unseasonably cold day to carry this knit bag i got for $8 at my favorite goodwill. green and purple are my #1 and #2 favorite colors, and i just really like the colors, shape, and comfy texture of this bag. check out the cool button/snap detail. it has three knit pockets inside that keep me remarkably organized. i thought for sure it would fall apart because of all of my stuff, but i’ve had it for two winters now and it’s still in great shape. all in all it was a very good purchase.

it was the perfect bag for this chilly spring saturday. i had a great day of hanging out with my husband, then the girls and i ditched him to hang out – then i ditched them to go thrifting. success all around!

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