day 12

avorio italian leather hobo

avorio italian leather hobo

avorio logo

avorio logo

okay, today was better. this morning i had a hard time choosing a bag, so i grabbed two and decided to choose one before i got to work. it wasn’t hard to select this avorio italian leather hobo in beige pebbled leather. not a shock by now, right? this was another fun find at my favorite goodwill. i saw it hanging on the rack while browsing the girls’ clothing rack. as i walked across the store (dashed, really) i hoped my eyes weren’t deceiving me. my sense of touch confirmed – soft, supple, italian leather. i looked inside and the tag confirmed it! $12! i calmly placed it on my arm and did my best to contain my excitement. score!

once home, i did my favorite thing after a good thrift trip – got online and researched the bag. you can find avorio bags on ebay and similar sites for anywhere between $20 and $170.

this bag is another cavernous black hole if you don’t utilize the three sections effectively. this purse is like a magic trick; i tell you there’s a secret compartment that always seems to swallow my keys. but the bag overall is beautiful to touch and goes with everything. it’s a keeper.

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