Daily Archives: April 11, 2013

day 11


lane bryant mock croc structured hobo


up close and personal

as much as i love bags, it was hard to get motivated to do this today. i realized again that when you make a commitment to yourself, you have to treat it like a commitment you made so someone else and not blow yourself off. i committed to posting a bag a day so whether i want to or not, here i go.

i can remember seeing this bag while i was shopping for clothes at Lane Bryant three or four years ago. i was walking around browsing and saw it on the top of a rounder. i like structured hobos, and this has a long, detachable strap and the built-in handles to carry it on your arm. it’s huge, and can get a bit cavernous inside, but that usually is ok for me because i haul a lot of stuff. plus, big/tall women need big bags. sometimes, a little bag can just make you look bigger.

the exciting part about it was that as soon as i grabbed it, i started carrying it aroudn on my arm as if it were already mine. two other ladies saw me with it and wanted to know if there were more. one lady got lucky and got the last one, and one lady was sad. the store associate thanked me for not only buying one but selling the other! what can i say, i live to please.

i usually bust this out in fall and winter, but it was a rainy day today so i wore it with a purple dress and yellow bogs rain boots that i got at marshalls for $20. i¬†always get compliments when i carry this bag, and when i tried to find an image of it online, i couldn’t – which means my librarian skills (20+ years) are slipping, or no one wants to part with it! i’m going with the latter.