day 5


catori shoulder bag

the pattern of this catori bag attracted me right away when i saw a glimpse of it in this giant pile of purses at the st. vincent de paul near me a few weeks ago. cool patterned bags with a bit of color are always a fun addition to my collection, so for $3 i couldn’t leave it in the store. it’s got a long shoulder strap that can work as a crossbody. it holds a notebook and much more. if it holds my water bottle, i’m all in. this one does!

during this time, my 13-year-old was in the process of finding what she called a “hipster” backpack – really, she wanted a woven pattern like this one. so, i looked up the brand online, and found that they had some excellent choices for a reasonable price.

she ended up buying a backpack in a much more colorful pattern. the thing is we would have never found their website had i not bought this bag. we had been looking online for weeks on a variety of different sites and she wasn’t happy with anything that cost less than $60. ain’t nobody got time for that! my bag pattern is called Jewel Mesa, and is on sale for $28.75, regular price $34.50. another good deal that served me and my sweetie baby.

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