day 4

Image hand-painted leather bag

this bag was just waiting for me at my aforementioned favorite Goodwill. it called to me from across the store, and when i touched the buttery soft leather, i was sold. $6. i looked up the company online, – and found that the bag is still for sale for $190! their bags and accessories sport photos hand-painted on the leather. they have lines of other cities, too. check out their site. made in brooklyn!

this is a very cool bag of my favorite city; my spiritual home.

i worked in new york for a year, and lived in nj for a year and a half, and if i could pick up and move today it would be to nyc, or somewhere near enough to take the train into the city. i haven’t been back in 19 years, but my day will come… oh yes, my day will come.

the bag served me well today at the Episcopal Communicators convention. it held all of my stuff, folder, water bottle and snacks. (best snack table i’ve ever seen – it included pop chips, pirate’s booty and frozen fruit bars!)

and yes, i snapped this photo in the second most beautiful hotel bathroom i’ve ever seen.

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