day 3


baggallini crossbody lounging at the omni


zipper pull detail – you have to feel it to believe it

this week posed a challenge for me, as i am in san diego at the Episcopal Communicators conference. i also was steadfastly opposed to checking a bag. so i sacrificed a pair of shoes to make room for the 3 additional bags i had to bring to stay true to my self-imposed challenge. this little baby bag is by baggallini, known for portability and easy travel.

i scored this one at the st. vincent de paul near me for $4. i don’t usually carry small bags, but since it’s a crossbody which actually goes across my body, i had to get it and i’m so glad i did. it fit all of my essentials, has lots of pockets and pouches and fit perfectly in my laptop briefcase with my ever-present water bottle and magazines. and check out the zipper pulls! ergonomically awesome. matte brushed nickel. i could play with the zippers for… ok i’ll stop. but i will say that i saw the same bag at tj maxx on tuesday evening for $24.99. whaaaaaaat!

i took a picture of it on the plane, but it turned out like my flight – awful. i was totally nervous about the flight, but not about the right stuff, apparently. live and learn! i’m so glad to be in this beautiful city in a fabulous hotel – so in the end, a good day. i had fun with this bag!

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