day 22

Devi Kroell for Target from maybe 12 years ago. Looks just as great as when I bought it. Hobo style, snakeskin pattern, fits well on my shoulder – an overall great bag.


day 21

baggalini gold

I have a few baggallini bags because they’re lightweight, well-made and often found at thrift stores. This one is a cute crossbody in gold that I’ve had for around five or six years. baggallini bags are great for travel and can be found in lots of different styles and colors at TJ Maxx. But why pay $15-$40 when you can find them at the thrift store for $4-$10?


day 20

Today I drove back from a work trip. All my stuff was in my Puma backpack, which I have already featured. This is my baby peace bag from Whole Foods. Peace is one of my favorite words. Anything that says peace in some way has a fair chance of being added to my life. Plus green is my favorite color. And look at this little bag. When I asked the cashier for this baby peace bag, he replied, “Baby peace bag. Peace amongst babies.” The girls and I remember him fondly and quote him often.

day 19

I got this Maurizio Taiuti bag at TJ Maxx several years ago. I love the shimmery sueded leather, cute animal print pattern, and adjustable strap.

bag 16


Today was one of my busiest days in a while. This Lazaro bag helped. From the blue vinyl interior to the cushy brown leather handle, this was a fun purchase from Goodwill that i enjoyed using.

If you got a bag from the giveaway that needed to be mailed, you should have received it last week. Please let me know by email if you did not receive it. I’ve also made almost all deliveries, i think there’s only one more person and i’ll be all done. YAY.


day 15

A nice Vera Bradley bag from Goodwill. I like their bags they have three or four colors only. This one has an adjustable strap, two front pockets and and a back zipper pocket, and a spacious interior. I was doing to the Art Museum with my youth group today, so I needed something light.